Rainbow Angel -                  Clairvoyant Medium & Spirit Communicator
About Me:
I've had an extremely high intuition and psychic ability since early childhood and developed as a Medium.   The messages I receive for my clients are specific, names, dates and family memories that are extremely relevant.  The information given shows true evidence of life after life and how 'spirit' truly do see us in our day to day lives.
Our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are excited that we can move forward to a more enlightened place and constantly monitor our progress and await the call for their assistance.  They will not interfere with free will.  Spirit give true clarity and evidence so you know what comes is direct from spirit
Treat yourself to a twelve month reading direct from your Angels.  Have true clarity on what your year will bring.  Each month, know in advance and prepare yourself for the changes which will then have less impact.
From a Clairvoyant or Reiki healing or a reading, you will leave truly viewing this world in a different perspective and feel free of excess baggage.
Learning to ask, listen and act on the messages we receive from Spirit is the key to leading an extraordinary and fulfilling life. 
I will come to your place for a psychic party where you will see true mediumship as it unfolds. 
Located  in Cheltenham, Blue Angel Gallery and Sacred Keys in Epping Victoria
Contact me to arrange an appointment.  These appointments need to be booked in well in advance or if you wish to see me please email rainbow_angel@y7mail.com
Believe is all I ask. 
Yours In Spirit...........................Denice
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