Rainbow Angel -                  Clairvoyant Medium & Spirit Communicator
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email: rainbow_angel@y7mail.com
Please email me if you would like a private reading or healing, and I will contact you.
I am also available for small group bookings.  Have some fun and invite a few friends over.  You will be amazed at what comes through from either true mediumship held in a group session or have individual readings.....either way you and your friends will love it I'm sure.
I would thoroughly recommend the mediumship and clairvoyant practitioner course. Anyone looking to further open up into the spiritual realm will love this. The results are amazing Denice is a very gifted teacher and every participant is blown away with the results. This course caters for all levels you don’t need to have had any previous experience to gain valuable insight. I really love coming every week alongside a lovely group of like minded attendees.
Tonia    Sunday Creek  Vic
The fog has lifted and after such a long time I now feel lighter and have more energy." -  Diane 
"My how I doubted my own abilities.....not any more" - Carly
"Everyone should treat themselves to such a spiritual experience, it will be one thing they will never ever forget" - Anonymous 
"Now I know I'm on the right path, my own psychic abilities have improved to no end.  I now have more direct access to my guidance with my clear channel - Debbie 
 Brighter future, movement with career, baby on the way - well, I fell in love, got a huge promotion at work and YES we are having our first baby - absolutely mind blowing, thankyou - Michael
"I wish Denice could bottle what she does, this was such an amazing experience.  I am blessed to have been so lucky to have met her.  I now know where I am heading" - Katie
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